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Julian has worked for many media companies including C4, FT, Reader's Digest, BBC, NBC and Der Spiegel, down to tiny TV projects in a seedy attic in Soho. "The creepy-crawlies were so persistent I did wonder whether they were on the payroll." Photography and visual imagery are very important to him and his fine art photography has been exhibited in galleries. A decade ago he decided that what he most wanted to do was write about the environment.

You can see some of his articles here and here.

Julian does like technology and gadgetry, and pride of place in a dusty cardboard box somewhere in the bowels of his dwelling is the museum of broken, obsolete, user-unfriendly, weird and useless cameras. On the positive side, these haven't been sent to landfill, probably because no self-respecting rubbish collector would touch them.

Aside from the environment, his interests are the cinema, theatre, and finding out about different cultures, because every society provides you something to learn from, something special. His other craft is baking his own bread, which he finds is a way to relax away from the computer.

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