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Get You Warm LinkedIn Sales Prospects using Automation!

Do you need to find new clients for your products or services?

We can help you: we have an automated method of prospecting for new clients via LinkedIn.

It is “warm prospecting” - people come to you! This is a very effective method of sales lead generation.

The beauty of it is that it takes up very little time.

You probably have heard that you need five or six ‘touches’ before someone is ready to buy. That is true. This system makes it easy to do that and you will create a link with the person, who has already qualified themselves as interested in your product.

All you need is a good LinkedIn profile. You probably have that already.

This system takes only a few minutes per day to implement. This offer is to teach you how to do it. Click here to find out more.

We will provide the online training for this system (we’ll share screens via Skype or Zoom), as well as the email template which you can customise to fit your business. People don’t get many LinkedIn emails so they read them 99% of the time.

We can also provide you as an optional extra with some “marketing collateral” - a document, eBook or case study which you can send to the inquirer as another ‘touch.’

Your bot will be doing the prospecting. All you have to do manually is respond to inquiries and take it from there. When you phone the prospect, they will already know who you are. No cold calling.

We use this ourselves. No technical knowledge is necessary, everything is very easy to implement.

This is deliverable very quickly, we just need have an online training session of around 20 minutes.


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