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What is Bright Green?

"Bright Green" is a term coined by writer Alex Steffen in 2003 to describe a new part of the environmental movement, which is keen on using advanced technology to ameliorate climate change, pollution and live a cleaner, greener lifestyle without forfeiting the benefits of high technology that the industrial, medical, scientific and engineering advances of the past years have brought us.

Appropredia says, "Its proponents tend to be particularly enthusiastic about green energy, hybrid automobiles, efficient manufacturing systems, bio and nanotechnologies, ubiquitous computing, dense urban settlements, closed loop materials cycles and sustainable product designs. "One-planet living" is a frequently heard buzz-phrase. They tend to focus extensively on the idea that through a combination of well-built communities, new technologies and sustainable living practices, quality of life can actually be improved even while ecological footprints shrink."

Ross Robertson, of "What Is Enlightenment?" magazine writes, "Bright green environmentalism is less about the problems and limitations we need to overcome than the “tools, models, and ideas” that already exist for overcoming them. It forgoes the bleakness of protest and dissent for the energizing confidence of constructive solutions."

That summarises the philosophy behind BrightGreen PR and how we approach client's needs and what messages should be communicated to the audience.

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