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Win Business with a Killer Proposal

If you are in an RFP procedure, or want to submit a speculative proposal to a potential client, then what you need is an outstanding proposal.

My current win to loss ratio for proposals I have written to gain business/grants/funding is 100%. I have gained around £150K worth of business/funding for clients.

I do not think that is accidental.

Most business proposals range from the poor to the unreadable. Also, a lot of business people don't have the time or skills to research/write a good proposal, so they do it in a rush before the deadline.

I have a system for writing accurate, concise, winning proposals which address the clients' needs.

If you are looking for someone to research, write and assist you in the pitching for business, either as an RFP or a speculative proposal if you have identified an area where a potential client can improve their business, then I am the person to write it for you.

I am a professional copywriter, with over 10 years experience of writing for business clients, including small, medium and large organisations. I have written all sorts of materials, including websites, newsletters, editorial articles, blogs, and marketing copy as well as proposals. If you opt for BrightGreen PR to write your proposal you will have the backup of our experienced research and digital marketing team.

Most proposals have a 25-40% success rate. I don't think that's very good, do you?

The ROI of a successful proposal is enormous. But they do involve me putting in a lot of time and effort but this will be very beneficial for your company and ease the difficulty of finding enough time to focus on the proposal.

If you are interested, please email me here or use the contact button below and you will have my full attention on how to create one which will have a very good chance of gaining you the business clients/contracts you deserve, although I of course cannot guarantee that every proposal will succeed.


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