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Case Studies - another way to show your excellence

Do you want to show your potential clients what you can do? Does your product or service have benefits for them? A professionally-written Case Study can improve your business profile, and be good way to show potential clients the way your company helped another business achieved its objectives.

I can write this for you, and interview the client (if necessary) so the Case Study would a positive vision of your product and or service and the client's business.

The end product would be a downloadable well-designed ebook in epub and pdf to build your email list and can also be given out at trade shows or emailed to industry sector journalists – they love a case study to quote from. Journalists have pages to fill and having a concrete example of good practice benefits them by making their job easier. Editorial coverage is reckoned to be far superior to paid-for advertising.

I am a technology journalist with over ten years of experience. I have written maybe 500 articles in print and online, several dozen eBooks, case studies, newsletters and press releases, so you can be assured of a professional, high-value product which will add value to your website.

If you are interested, please email me here and you will have my experience of how to create a highquality case study to benefit your business.



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